Motocross Suspension Service

Suspension is just like an engine. In order for it to work properly and not malfunction, it needs to be serviced at regular intervals. Moto4Play offers a full suspension service, including a complete tear down, oil change, thorough inspection, and replacement of wear parts (if needed). We suggest getting suspension serviced once every 30 hours to avoid shock fade and excessive wear on internal parts.

Front+Rear Service

$20000 +parts
  • Oil & Labor Included

Front Only Service

$15000 +parts
  • Oil & Labor Included

Rear Only Service

$10000 +parts
  • Oil & Labor Included


Motocross Suspension Revalve

Suspension is never perfect from the factory. Stock settings are usually generalized and are not compatible with an individual’s size, height, and speed. Moto4Play specializes in complete suspension revalves that will give anyone the competitive edge their looking for. Our revalves come with lifetime tuning and adjustments so that we can get you dialed in on any track.

Fork Revalve

$20000 +parts
  • Includes Oil & Labor

Rear Revalve

$20000 +parts
  • Includes Oil & Labor


Motorcycle Engine Rebuilds & General Labor

At Moto4Play, we also provide our customers with engine rebuilds and other motocross-related maintenance that is performed by a certified mechanic. From changing oil to complete engine overhauls, we do it all.

Hourly Labor

$8500 /hour

Rush Rate

$12750 /hour

Mobile Race Prep

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